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English Essay

Eurovision Renaissance and the Post-Balkan Baroque

by: Mima Simić

While riotously mapping the wounds of post-Yugoslav society, Konstrakta connects the dots into a larger picture – a portrait of the post-Balkan in the neoliberal fog.

English Interview

The system is pushing criticism towards marketing

by: Ivana Pejić

Members of the Critical Interruptions collective talk about the new forms of experiment and collaboration in criticism that develop beyond the traditional concept of authorship.

English Essay

When Dreaming, Why Not Dream More Radically?

by: Dora Sivka

Can the European Green Deal truly be transformative for the planet and society, and discontinue the “business as usual” model disguised in green?

English Essay

Terraforming a Neighborhood

by: Luka Bekavac

It's difficult to imagine that, in a thousand years, there will be something like "Trešnjevka", but the root system of the spruces along the railway allegedly has a good chance of surviving.

English Essay

Tracking the Path of Cycling Resistance

by: Vladimir Vince

From traffic safety to climate and urban-planning justice, cycling activism has, since its inception, been associated with different but mutually compatible social struggles.

English Interview

Smaller institutions create communities

by: Katarina Pavić and Hrvoje Pašalić

Curator and author Jonatan Habib Engqvist talks about governance regarding the socio-cultural infrastructure in the Sweden and Nordic region.

English Event

The End of the World Seminar

by: Kulturpunkt.hr

The ways the "ghosts" of the past intertwine with the present, as well as the chilling dynamics of technology that is utilized as a means of control, present the focuses of the Seminar.

English Interview

Questioning the creation process

by: Martina Kontošić

We spoke with the curators of this year's / 'fu: bar / festival about the importance of glitch aesthetics in contemporary art and sustainability in digital art.

English Essay

We are the ones who we have been waiting for

by: Tjaša Pureber

Events of the final conference of RESHAPE project pointed out different gestures and tools necessary for changing the (art) world.

English Interview

Cultural houses as spaces of citizen decision-making

by: Katarina Pavić and Hrvoje Pašalić

Coordinator of CULT! cultural network Leen Vanderschueren speaks about models of governance in regards to socio-cultural infrastructure in Flanders and Brussels regions.

English Interview

The cultural sector knows how to fight for its beliefs

by: Katarina Pavić and Hrvoje Pašalić

Researcher, activist, journalist and artist Igor Stokfiszewski speaks about management of socio-cultural infrastructure in Warsaw and Poland.

English Essay

The Tribes of New Fascism

by: Bojana Videkanić

Tribes of Europa, a series which is problematic in many ways, treats the Petrova Gora Monument as a playground for various sadistic fantasies.

English Essay

Adopt space, preserve life

by: Dora Matić

By re-appropriating empty spaces in the old city center, project Voids is building the foundations for a new imagination of the urbanity of Split.

English Essay

Ready to Rebel, Open to Negotiate

By: Luka Ostojić

The final part of the feature on the commons examines whether physical spaces – primarily those for culture and youth – can operate outside the usual market and political framework.

English Essay

Building a Network of Solidarity

by: Luka Ostojić

The follow-up to the feature about the commons looks at Internet spaces that provide the technical framework for the exchange of goods beyond market logic, and often beyond the law.