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Affirmation of life on islands

Traveling exhibition Vis and the Anatomy of Islands, the result of a years-long program of symposiums and workshops, opened in Paris.

by: Martina Domladovac

PHOTO: Joe Young / Anatomy of Islands – Centre for Research and Development Association

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After Zagreb, Graz, Podšpilje and Vis, the exhibition Vis and the Anatomy of Islands was opened on November 17 in the Paris Ecole nationale superieure d’architecture Paris – Val de Seine, where it will remain open until November 27. The traveling exhibition is the result of a years-long program of symposiums and workshops Anatomy of Islands 2012-2016, organized by the Anatomy of Islands – Centre for Research and Development Association from Vis.

The purpose of the association is to create and apply interdisciplinary knowledge about islands, and its founders and members came together to broaden and exchange knowledge about life on islands, as well as to apply that knowledge to projects aimed at the development of island communities. It also intends to create interdisciplinary knowledge about islands, island communities, and models of island development, and to transmit that knowledge through various forms of education, as well as to apply it to development projects.

With that aim in mind, the Association has organized four international symposiums, where subjects crucial for Vis were discussed. The first three symposiums engaged with the Greek Issa locality in the context of the town and island Vis, the dilapidated parts of Vis and Komiža and the issue of Vis villages. The workshops resulted in sixteen projects, i.e. student proposals of possible interventions in space. This year's, fourth symposium, entitled Responsible Tourism on the Islands: Towards a Synergy of Tourism and Year-Round Life on the Islands, took place from September 17 to 20. Its topics included examples of good practice in Vis tourism and responsible island tourism, while the presenters from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, France and Japan came from different professions. Special emphasis was placed on the subject of alternative tourism, with the idea that existing trends of tourism development are ecologically and culturally, as well as long-term and economically, not sustainable. The workshop that began after the symposium attempted to find strategies of establishing responsible island development. Urbanistically, that refers to "interior reurbanization" of the existing building fund, which includes re-evaluating all the existing capacities that might be suitable for the planned requirements, before building new ones.  

The results of the workshops are presented at the exhibition that is traveling through the hometowns of the symposium’s participants. It consists of two parts – the first one presents short information about Vis and its crucial issues, while the other contains basic information about the first three symposiums and presentations of the sixteen student projects.

All information, as well as videos of the presentations, can be found on the Anatomy of Islands website.

Translated from Croatian by Lana Pukanić.

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