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Civic participation and self-organizing

Mirta is an institution for adult education, whose work involves peace, democracy, civic self-organizing, volunteer and youth education.

by: Matija Mrakovčić

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Mirta was founded in 2014 by the Centre for Peace Studies, in cooperation with partners: Croatian Youth Network, Volunteer centre Osijek and Smart Association from Rijeka and Zagreb. It was founded with the aim of realizing non-formal and verified educational programs, seminars, lectures and other public events pertaining to adult education.

In the initial period, the partners will cooperate with Mirta and implement the following non-formal educational programs: Peace Studies, in cooperation with the Centre for Peace Studies, Youth Studies, in cooperation with the Croatian Youth Network, Demo academy, in cooperation with Volunteer centre Osijek, as well as Teacher development in areas of peace, civic and democracy education and the Academy for NGO Management, in cooperation with Smart.

In addition to executing the programs, Mirta will work on the recognition of non-formal educational programs, as well as on the formal recognition of peace, democracy and civic participation education and self-organizing for social change and social justice.

Mirta is a collaborator of the Platform for Civic education and the Croatian Antifascist League, while the development and implementation of educational programs in 2015 and 2016 is funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development through the Norway fund, Knowledge Centres and the Democratization 2.0 program, as well as City of Zagreb and the EU.

On Thursday, November 19, Mirta invited tenders for the directorial position. People who fulfil the requirements for teachers or primary/secondary school expert associates, have expert, work and organizational abilities, and a minimum five year experience in organizing and implementing adult education programs were invited to apply.

Advantage was given to candidates who are familiar with peace, non-violence and active citizenship education, have experience implementing formal and non-formal civic and peace education programs, have experience with leading teams and organizational management, are versed in Croatian and foreign education systems, have experience writing projects and securing funding.

The director's is a volunteer position. 

Applications were accepted by November 26, and work will begin on January 1 2016.

Translated from Croatian by Lana Pukanić.

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