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Damned Dam in the World of Art

The first student exchange took place in Zagreb, on November 19th and 20th, when art theorist and freelance curator Petja Grafenauer from Ljubljana gave a two-day workshop with students o

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Guided by Petja Grafenauer, Students from Kulturpunkt's Journalistic School went to see the Damned Dam, a solo exhibition by Bosnian artist Lala Raščić. This interdisciplinary exhibition was set up in Jedinstvo, a former factory and a facility now governed by the Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth - Pogon. The exhibition - which was divided in two parts - presented an intermedial artistic project consisting of the artist's video narrative of an epic drama on the first floor, recordings of a radio drama and a simulation of a raft in front of a video screen projecting waterfalls on the second plan of the three-dimensional space designed as a twodimensional image in three plans. While the first floor set-up of the space encompassed all the levels of this work-in-progress artistic project, the second part of the exhibition was framed as a documentation archive of the exhibition presenting all the levels of research and documentation materials.


Students had a meeting with the artist who presented her work and answered their questions followed by a Petja Grafenauer's short introduction to the principles of the workshop and got tutorials for their written critiques. During the discussion on the exhibition, the students gave their impressions and sketched the direction in which they were to write their written assignments on the project. Their 500-word essays on the exhibition were due next morning. After reviewing their texts, students gathered, read each others texts and gave their comments on their colleagues' works. The workshop ended with an individual discussion with the lecturer with remarks on their work and instructions for the further development of their reviews.

The reviews in Croatian can be found here.
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