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Exploring the Context of Internet Art

Vuk Ćosić is giving a lecture entitled The Collapse of the Context 2.0 in Zagreb’s Multimedia Institute.


Net.art Painters and Poets, 2014. / PHOTO: Andrej Peunik

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On Friday, November 20th 2015, beginning at 8 pm in the Multimedia Institute (mama), Preradovićeva 18 (Zagreb), Vuk Ćosić will give a lecture entitled The Collapse of the Context 2.0. The lecture is part of the net.cube project curated by the Centre for Drama Art, in collaboration with What, How and for Whom / WHW.

A) Why do we still talk about net.art?

Personal view of a father, enriched with anecdotes and vague allusions that lead the listener in a dangerous direction. The presence is required.

B) Position of early Internet art in the narrative arc of progressive art practices from dada through the Situationists towards the future.

Private view of who was once a carrier of the virus of freedom in an unfree time and in an unfree infrastructure.

C) The collapse of context 2.0

Public reflection of changes in the physical state of Internet as a space of freedom to space of surveillance - and possible artistic tactics.


Vuk Ćosić is an Internet veteran and internationally acclaimed classic of internet art. Cofounder of the Ljubljana Digital Medialab (Ljudmila) and the consultancy Case Sensitive. Throughout his explosive and fruitful career as a creative director, UX lead and CEO, Vuk was the leader of project teams for key projects in Slovenian internet space. Generically, these projects range from proto-startups via corporate work to enterprise web strategies (in all sectors: corporate, government, NGO & culture). Currently focused on ways in which fundamental business strategy overlaps with fundamental ethical orientation. A pioneer of internet art, he frequently exhibits (Venice Biennial; ICA, London; Beaubourg, Paris; ICC, Tokio; Kunsthalle, Vienna; Digital Artlab, Tel Aviv; ZKM, Karlsruhe; Ars Electronica, Linz; Walker, Minneapolis; Postmasters, NYC; Friedricanum, Kassel; Neue Galerie, Graz; IAS, Seoul; Baltic, Newcastle; Moca, Oslo...) and lectures (Musemus: Beaubourg, Paris; Guggenheim, Venice; CCA, Glasgow; Thing, NYC; LAMoCA, LA; Festivals – Hong Kong, London, Liverpool, Dessau, Montreal, Banff, Madrid, Gorizia, Copenhagen). He lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The net.cube project explores context of Internet art, seeks to provide the conditions for artistic Internet projects and encourages local online creativity, its contextualisation and mapping. The program is conducted on two levels - as a web gallery (in progress) and a series of public lectures.

The project is supported by the Kultura nova Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.

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