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Like fireflies

The collective art exhibition in Rijeka's Mali salon derives from an exchange of critical views and thoughts about incipient contemporary emergencies.

20.12.2015 - 03.01.2016
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As an ideal place of cultural debate, the project originates from the cooperation between Raffaella Barbato (art curator) and the Siz Gallery (Croatian independent space of investigation). Like fireflies is an artistic project inspired by a G. Didi Huberman’s essay.

Starting from a reinterpretation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s considerations, Huberman analyzes the cultural crisis using the metaphor of the fireflies: talking about the fireflies it’s like talking about memories and cultural historical values which are being lost because of the globalization’s effects on the man. Due to the ecologic system alteration, fireflies are going to disappear like cultural research and big values are disappearing due to the neo capitalistic system. That’s why Huberman talks about fireflies-man, fireflies-words and fireflies- knowledge, a dimly but still resistant light.

The artistic project is a critical reflection about incipient contemporary emergencies such as human rights, undocumented immigration, femicide, ratial, social, economical and religious intolerances, precarious existences -  through the use of different visual languages.

This polyphonic dialogue is made of artists coming from several geo-social and geo-political realities from all over the world. They are Maria Jose Arjona (Colombia), Francesca Capasso (Italy), Jota Castro (Perù), Nemanja Cvijanović (Croatia), Oppy De Bernardo (Switzerland), Regina Josè Galindo (Guatemala), Fokus Grupa (Croatia), Devrim Kadirbeyoglu (Turkey), Domenico Antonio Mancini (Italy), MaraM (Italy), Salvatore Manzi (Italy), Maria Evelia Marmolejo (Colombia), Rosy Rox (Italy), Pier Paolo Patti (Italy), Ciro Vitale (Italy), Mary Zygouri (Greece).

One of the features of the project is the travelling-oriented dimension of the exhibition: from time to time different locations of peculiar socio-political interest will be chosen, where to develop the next exhibition stages and workshops of the project.

The exhibition in Rijeka's Mali salon will be opened on December 20.
Objavio/la matija [at] 17.12.2015