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Importance of Community Spaces

Second in the series of Practitoners LAB podcasts focused on challenges and opportunities arising from developing community spaces.


Practitioners LAB in Multimedia Institute Zagreb, 2019 (Foto: Mohab Saber)

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Second in the series of podcasts documenting Practitioners LAB: Arts and Culture Under Pressure held in December 2019 in Multimedia Institute Zagreb offered a short glance into one of the workshops facilitated by Teodor Celakoski, cultural worker and activist from Zagreb. Community Spaces and Networks Workshop focused on context, potential functions and typologies of community spaces also giving a platform to present of workgroups' findings and discussion results.

Matina Magkou, cultural manager and researcher, shared her experience of managing municipal community space in Athens. Describing challenges and opportunities arising from developing those kinds of spaces. Since Greece, as well as many Mediterranean countries, has issues with extensive turistification we used this opportunity to find out more how community spaces can function in that context and what form can a healthy relationship between locals and visitors take.

LAB consisted of both panels and workshops which allowed participants to explore different models of engagement in a discussion about common interests. Statements from London and Cairo based culture researcher Hossam Fazalla and Nina Branković, a manager in culture and education from Sarajevo, confirmed networking and learning potential of this model.

Practitioners LAB: Arts and Culture Under Pressure organised under the MitOst culture department in cooperation with Bosch Alumni Network and several partners, hosted by Clubture Network, took place in Zagreb in December 2019. In Multimedia Institute, one of the key spaces of the Croatian independent scene, a diverse group of twenty-five culture practitioners gathered to discuss common challenges regarding public and community spaces in their local environments.

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