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Lecture by Sternfeld and Ziaja

Nora Sternfeld and Luisa Ziaja, gave a lecture and reading sessions in the frame of the programme Kulturpunkt's Journalistic School.


Luisa Ziaja and Nora Sternfeld, theorists and curators from Schinittpunkt, a partner organisation based in Vienna, gave a lecture to the students of Kulturpunkt's Journalistic School. The Lecture and reading sessions were given on January 22nd and 23rd.


As students were also attending Open Institutions, a conference dealing with contemporary models of open institutions held at the same time, lectures given by Ziaja and Sternfeld fit perfectlly in the weekend's topics. Their lectures were focused on the theme of contemporary exhibiting practices and current discussions on post-representational exhibiting which was followed by the theme of educational turn.

As well as the lecture, the reading session was also designed as complementary to the programme of the conference, where the last lecture was given by theorist Simon Sheikh. His text was analysed the day after, on January 23rd, with expert mentor guidance by Ziaja and Sternfeld.
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