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Meeting in Ljubljana

A meeting of partners in the project World of Art took place in Ljubljana on Tuesday, April 19th.

All four partners in the project - SCCA from Ljubljana, Schnittpunkt from Vienna, Jagielonian University from Krakow and Kurziv from Zagreb - gathered to meet in Ljubljana. 


During the meeting each of the participants evaluated past programmes organized in the frame of the projects as well as mutual events - lectures in Zagreb, the study visit to Vienna. The members went in details over the programme of the study visit to Vienna and gave their impressions on it. This was important for the rest of the meeting where future cooperations were discussed.


Members from Zagreb and Vienna have discussed the programme for the study visit which will be held in Zagreb from May 12th until 15th in detail. Members from Ljubljana, Krakow and Zagreb discussed the upcoming study visit to Krakow which will happen in November.


The rest of the meeting was dedicated to the general discussion on the development of our cooperation and the possibilities of further improvement of the programmes each organisation is implementing.

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