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More Than a Weekend

Zagreb Gallery Weekend is a joint event by 17 Zagreb galleries, organizations, institutions, studios and artists.

20.11.2015 - 22.11.2015

PHOTO: Vatroslav Miloš/

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Zagreb Gallery Weekend will be held on November 20th, 21st, and 22nd, with a desire to facilitate access for the audience to artists, exhibitions, new artistic works, and various programs, make them all more accessible, and show a variety of art works and exhibition spaces, during this unique weekend.

This weekend is designed for everyone - art lovers and those who will now become ones, collectors, artists, curators, families, friends and all those interested to take a stroll through the galleries. Visitors will be able to see new art works, meet artists who will talk about their work, see in live how it  looks like to mount an exhibition and ask curators about their work in galleries. Basically, a Weekend when you can see more than any other weekend of the year.

During three days, galleries will offer wide range of programs, exhibition openings of local and international artists, guided tours through the exhibition, new and old publications, welcome their guests, talk to all interested and curious visitors, and show their spaces and their professional work to all of Zagreb.

Participating galleries: Institute for Contemporary Art; Gallery Academia Moderna; AŽ Gallery / Žitnjak Studios; Gallery Forum; Klovićevi dvori / Lotrščak; Gallery Matica Hrvatska; Miroslav Kraljević Gallery; Gallery Nova; SC Gallery; Spot Gallery; Gallery ULUPUH; Greta; HDD Gallery / Croatian Designers Society;  HDLU galleries  Bačva / PM / Prsten; Oris / House of Architecture; Pogon/ Gallery 90-60-90 Studio David Maljković.

Objavio/la vatroslav [at] 12.11.2015