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New Spaces of Togetherness

INTANGIBLE – Institutions need to be constructed is an artistic event organized by BADco., Croatian Designers Association and the Upgrade! platform.

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After Bergen in June and Rijeka in September of 2015, INTANGIBLE – Institutions need to be constructed is the third in a series of events organized by BADco. under the title Institutions need to be constructed. A combination of live performance, exhibition, film set and temporary inhabitation of abandoned factories – the project brings together artists, activists, advocates of new models of cultural institutions cultural, potential users and spectators:

"On the December 11th at POGON Jedinstvo we are exhibiting a temporary spatial reconstruction of the concept Intangible, presented and awarded in June 2015 as part of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Wishing to jointly commemorate the awarded installation, that will be fully presented in march 2016 at Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the presented authors will recreate the concept through a media hybrid of an event, combining live performance with a single-day exhibition".

Artists, theater directors and set designers will rearrange and “translate” the works presented in Prague into a brand new spatial and media situation. The original exhibition held within the PQ2015 was based on a short film directed by Ana Maria Habjan depicting theater productions and performances. The event at POGON Jedinstvo, on the other hand, returns each of these individual projects into the field of live performance, where previously unconnected and mutually dislocated works take place simultaneously, in a common, shared space.

By overlapping spatial, scenic and stage design strategies in the empty space of the former industrial building, the artists open up an experiment and inquiry into the relationship of abandoned spaces and the future of society seen through encounter, dialogue and communality.

Participating: BADco., Boris Bakal & Leo Vukelić, Damir Bartol Indoš & Tanja Vrvilo, Božena Končić Badurina, Oliver Frljić & Igor Pauška, Siniša Labrović, Kata Mijatović, Borut Šeparović and Vlasta Žanić. The opening of the public exhibition installation is at 2 PM, performances and a curatorial tour is scheduled for 7 PM, and last but not least, 10 PM means - party time. 

The event INTANGIBLE – Institutions Need to Be Constructed is organized in collaboration with the Upgrade! project, organized in partnership with Alliance Operation City, WHW -What, How & for Whom, CMS – Center for Peace Studies and Attack

Objavio/la vatroslav [at] 10.12.2015