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Not a Forced Coronial Process

Video 1998 - 2015 is a retrospective, a thorough look into the past, into the videography of Alen Floričić dating from 1998 onwards.

30.10.2015 - 22.11.2015
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Since Alen Floričić is a mid-generation artist, the aim of the retrospective is not to conduct a forced coronial process of recollection, but to actualise and promote a consistent oeuvre that presents the Croatian contemporary video production, for Alen Floričić has always dealt exclusively with video. The exhibition, which includes thirteen works, intends to confirm his position of an artist, to detect fluctuations and constancies of his work, to arrange the thematic structures of fifteen years of creation.   

The exhibition - Alen Floričić: Video 1998 - 2015 - at the Rijeka MMSU is the first in a series of exhibitions to be hosted here and abroad throughout 2016. The aim is to present the artist not just locally but also internationally; after Rijeka, the exhibition will be shown in Ljubljana’s ŠKUC Gallery (Slovenia) and Trieste Contemporanea (Italy). The exhibition catalogue is envisaged in the same way; it is going to cover the three exhibition locations, along with reviews of several curators and art theorists. The catalogue is to be published before summer.                                                

From the very beginning of the artist’s engagement in video, in the late 1990s, we have witnessed the authentic language of simple forms, usually lasting only few minutes, featuring only one character – the author himself. The video mostly consists of a single scene (sitting in the room) or a single action (coming out of the sea), endlessly repeated, impossible to retell. Nevertheless, the experience is always intense, for the observer is affected by the rhythm of the repetitions, the vibrations of the electronic image, the absence of narration and linear structure. Floričić strips the video of its documentary qualities, enabling the observers to consciously think about what they see. Immersed in Floričić’s video, the observers experience a whirl of emotions, of apprehension, humour and confusedness. They pass through the parts of their inner beings that are not for showing, through the states that we try to overcome in order to meet the standards of normalcy. A benevolent humour permeates these works, too, emerging as a side effect of funny gags (rising and falling on the screen in the 2005 series). Sidestepping the current trends and pretentiousness, Floričić’s artwork takes us deep into the shelters of the subconscious, into the unidentified aspects of the human. This is confirmed by the author’s avoidance of descriptions, titles and the related implications of content: these are all Untitled videos, indexed by ordinal numbers and the years of creation. Throughout the above stated period of production, with introducing some new chapters, Floričić continued to develop his themes. These include, for instance, repetitions as the cause of discomfort, the motif of doppelgänger and broken "self", dysfunction of communication.

Alen Floričić graduated in Fine Arts from the Rijeka Faculty of Education, Sculpture Department, under the mentorship of the professor Žarko Violić. He earned his master's degree in Video and New Media at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Floričić currently works as an art teacher at the High School of Applied Arts and Design in Pula. He also worked as a part-time associate at the Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts from 2008 to 2013. He participated in group exhibitions, for example, at MoMA PS1 in New York, Kunsthalle Bethanien in Berlin and Renaissance Society in Chicago, among others. He was on the Croatian representatives at the 51st Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice in 2005.  

Alen Floričić: Video 1998 - 2015, curated by Sabina Salamon, is open in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMSU) in Rijeka until November 22nd. 

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