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Open Source Culture and Self-Sustainability

Deborah Hustić of is taking part at the international program Museomix in Nice.

12.11.2015 - 16.11.2015

Deborah Hustić at work / PHOTO:

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Museomix is set to take place from November 12th to November 16th at the National Museum of Sport in Nice (France) as a part of the project Creative Museum. will be presented at the Museomix by Deborah Hustić and members of the project team Creative Museum are taking part in the training as observers and experts for participants of the program Museomix Nice.

Deborah Hustić is a media artist and curator. She is into wearable technology and sound art (open source hardware, sound boxes and synthesizers) and educational development via workshops, supporting the STEAM concept of education. She has taken part in many festivals, exhibitions and conferences in Croatia and abroad in the domain of DIY and DIWO electronics, new media, intermedia and hybrid art.  She has run a series of workshops concerned with creative electronics and eTextile for children, young adults and adults. She is the project manager and curator of / Zagreb Makerspace.

Radiona / Makerspace – Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture has been founded in order to enhance the visibility of makers’ open source culture and self sustainable production, as well as with an aim of connecting all possible fields of art, science and technology. The objective here is to create new realities of networked and collaborative intermedia and new media practices in line with DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIWO (do-it-with-others) scene. focuses its activities on education, research processes, artistic projects, curatorial practices, international and domestic inter-sector collaborations, renewable systems and social awareness related issues.

Objavio/la vatroslav [at] 12.11.2015