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People, Not Objects

Home, centre, house, platform is an exhibition dedicated to the phenomenon of institutions in culture.

23.10.2015 - 21.11.2015
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The exhibition marking the 35th anniversary of Galženica Gallery and Culture centre in Velika Gorica opens on Friday October 23rd at 7 pm.

“It is not unusual that the historization of institutions responsible for creation and distribution of culture is followed by certain haziness, or indeed a terminological and categorical mess. The very term culture has multiple meanings, it is inherently contradictory, so it is hard to expect clear and stable definitions from experts committed to it. There is, for instance, an art culture, but there is also a swearing culture, which, however, is at odds with the culture of good etiquette, so if you are not a linguist, writer or anthropologist, in that culture you will more likely see an absence of any culture (not to mention the awful custom of spitting in the street, although we can say that spitting represents the persistence of rural culture in the dominant urban culture). Anyway, everyone agrees about one thing: culture is everything people do every day. The emphasis is therefore on the people, not objects (books, paintings, films, theatre shows etc.), on experience and process, not on ownership or social status.

We approached organizing this exhibition from the standpoint of a participant in cultural processes, but not from above – from the position of institutional power – but from below, from the position of users of cultural programs. Why not look at everything from the standpoint of our own experience? Instead of historic founding charters, political decisions, official acts, plans and programs, maybe it is time to remember how we ourselves made culture, by visiting libraries, watching films, learning how to dance, knit, paint or simply by having fun with a glass of wine in our hand at the opening of some exhibition or theatre show.

Four different ways of participating in the creation and consumption of institutional culture arise from that perspective. Each of them actually represents a certain cultural model. These models are: home, centre, house and platform”, states the exhibition’s press release.

The curator of the exhibition – which stays open until November 21st – is Klaudio Štefančić, and assistant-curators are Sonja Švec Španjol, Andrea Vujnović and Katarina Zlatec.

Objavio/la vatroslav [at] 28.10.2015