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Project activities

Project activities encompass several different forms of exchange and collaboration such as study visits, guest lectures and seminars.

Collaboration will be closely integrated into the ongoing activities on several different levels. Study excursion will offer our learners/trainees an extra and extremely positive possibility to place specific knowledge in a wider, international context. They will allow them to upgrade tools and strategies presented in the regular activity of school and confront them in connection with trainees of similar (pre-professional) origin from different cultural contexts. At the same time they will be placed into intense exchange situations with people with similar goals and interests, thus they will be able to create connection that will be of an utmost important value and a basis of collaboration when they will all enter professional world in their curatorial and/or critical writing career path. Excursions will thus enable building up an international network of (future) professionals in the field of museums and exhibitions.
Exchange of school leaders will be continuously integrated in the on-going activities as one of the very important levels of collaboration will be exchange of structural information, evaluation and discussions about different models of operation (on learning, teaching, writing and exhibiting contemporary art) that will be immediately implemented in the regular curriculum. Our internal programs are all open to constant evaluation and enhancement, but long-term structured exchange in the frame of Leonardo, will enable us consistent rethinking of the relevant segments of our programs.
Guest lectures will bring extra dimension to the program as they will be discussing issues relevant to the wider European contemporary art scene and raising the awareness about themes that are relevant in the specific moment and context. Moreover the exchange of experts will enrich the program and enlarge its scope in the international realm.

| 09/2010
Kick-off meeting of all partners with conclusions.

| 11/2010
Workshop performed in Zagreb by Petja Grafenauer (art historian and curator from Slovenia).

| 12/2010
Study excursion to Vienna (learners from Krakow, Ljubljana and Zagreb).

| 01/2011
Lecture performed in Zagreb by Luisa Ziaja (art historian and curator from Austria) and Nora Sternfeld (art theoretician from Austria).

| 04/2011
Evaluation meeting of all partners in Ljubljana.

| 04/2011
Final exhibition of learners from Ljubljana implemented. 
Lecture performed in Ljubljana by Luisa Ziaja (art historian and curator from Austria) and Nora Sternfeld (art theorician from Austria) with the title What comes after the show? On Post-representational Curating.

| 05/2011
Lecture performed in Krakow by Saša Nabergoj (curator, critic and publisher from Ljubljana).
Study excursion to Zagreb (learners from Vienna).

| 06/2011
Interviews and articles delivered by the learners from Zagreb and published on the portal

| 11/2011
Study excursion to Krakow (learners from Ljubljana and Zagreb).

| 01/2012
Evaluation meeting of all partners in Vienna.

| 12/2011
Final exhibition of learners from Vienna implemented. 

| 03/2012 
Lecture performed in Vienna by Eda Čufer (dramaturge and art theoretician from Slovenia). 

| 03/2012
Study excursion to Ljubljana (learners from Krakow and Zagreb). 

| 06/2012 
Interviews and articles delivered by the learners from Zagreb and published on the portal

| 06/2012
Final evaluation meeting of all partners in Krakow. 

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