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Public Spaces, Common Challenges

Practitioners LAB in Zagreb gathered culture practitioners with a goal to exchange knowledge regarding public and community spaces in their local environments.


Practitioners LAB in Multimedia Institute Zagreb, 2019 (Foto: Mohab Saber)

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Practitioners labs as discussion and workshop format is an ambitious effort towards creation stimulative environment for knowledge exchange between cultural workers and managers coming from different contexts. Example of such gathering, Practitioners LAB: Arts and Culture Under Pressure organised under the MitOst culture department in cooperation with Bosch Alumni Network and several partners, hosted by Clubture Network, took place in Zagreb in December 2019. In Multimedia Institute, one of the key spaces of the Croatian independent scene, a diverse group of twenty-five Culture practitioners gathered to discuss common challenges regarding public and community spaces in their local environments.


In a first of three podcasts following the gathering in Zagreb, we talked with Mohab Saber, one of the coordinators of the Lab from MitOst culture department team in Berlin. Saber introduced the concept of Zagreb lab highlighting peer exchange learning and building a more creative and collaborative network of cultural practitioners as the main goals of the project. Heba Elhanafy, an urban researcher from Alexandria, Egypt talked about what makes thriving and inclusive public spaces and how privatisation and commercialization influences development of public space in Alexandria. We learned about current procedures in developing public spaces in Egypt and possibilities of public participation in urban development.

Statements from project managers Vladimir Palibrk from Belgrade and David van der Craats from Netherlands - who represents Pod Theater - one from the Lab organizing consortium, further revealed participants' expectations from this collaborative approach conducted at Zagreb Practitioners Lab.

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