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Resilience of Civil Initiatives

Practitioners LAB podcasts are concluded by emphasising the importance of networking and knowledge exchange in persistence of civil initiatives.


Practitioners LAB in Multimedia Institute Zagreb, 2019 (Foto: MitOst)

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Series of podcasts documenting Practitioners LAB: Arts and Culture Under Pressure held in December 2019 in Multimedia Institute Zagreb is ending with an insight into how political and social circumstances influence culture in the public domain. 

Political context of Hungary was explained by Fanni Nánay, cultural manager and facilitator of Public Spaces workshop and panel in Zagreb. With Asena Hayal Otaş, director of Istanbul Comics and Art Festival and Onur Atay, architect with experience in working with local municipalities, questions of Turkish cultural strategy and cultural policies have been discussed. Hayal Otaş and Atay shared experience of organising and producing cultural content in limiting political circumstances and their view on potential of organising cultural communities involved in political art. Conclusion was provided by an independent curator and cultural educator Alexandra Goloborodko from Moscow and Berlin who emphasised the importance of networking and knowledge exchange in obtaining resilience of civil initiatives in turbulent social and political circumstances.  

Practitioners LAB: Arts and Culture Under Pressure organised under the MitOst culture department in cooperation with Bosch Alumni Network and several partners, hosted by Clubture Network, took place in Zagreb in December 2019. In Multimedia Institute, one of the key spaces of the Croatian independent scene, a diverse group of twenty five culture practitioners gathered to discuss common challenges regarding public and community spaces in their local environments.

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