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Study visit to Vienna

From December 8th to December 11th, Austrian project partner, Schnittpunkt, organized a four-day study visit to Vienna for all the partners in the project.
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Students from Ljubljana, Krakow and Zagreb participated  in the study visit accompanied by their mentors.

Schinttpunkt organized an impressive and all-encompassing programme of the study visit, giving an opportunity to participants to get acquainted with all the aspects of the art scene in Vienna, as well as its vividness and diversity. Participants got to know the institutional, independent and commercial protagonists of the Viennese contemporary visual art scene, its models and mechanisms, financial conditions, programming principles and frameworks, as well as the problems each of these sectors encounters.

This study visit gave an extremely valuable comparative material for students' further education as contributed to the future work of their mentors. Encompassed by the survey of all aspects of the contemporary art scene, it enabled the participants to get a wider image of the direction in which the art scene, programming and curatorial practices are currently flowing.

The programme was concluded by a panel discussion in which the participating artists, critics and curators discussed current position of the Viennese art scene, its offers and lacks, and possible future developments of the situation, comparing it to the native situations of the study visit participants.

The study visit was wrapped up through an evaluation by participating students. They expressed great satisfaction with the programme, complimented on its quality and the types of knowledge they gained during their visit.

This visit was also important for other project partners in terms of both experience and the direction for further exchanges and programming.

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