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Study visit in Zagreb

From May 12 till 15th the group from Vienna came for a study visit to Zagreb. The study visit was shaped around the topic entitled "What Comes After the Show? On post-representational cur
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The topic taken into focus was chosen as one of the most acute problems of the contemporary art and exhibiting practices concerning changes in art production, its representation and position in the social context.

Study visit comprehended sight seeing, visits to the museums and galleries, discussions and lectures. The programme was shaped in the way that presented projects and spaces respond in a certain manner to the theme of the study visit. Visit to the Student Centre gave the frame of the local context by returning to the second half of the 20th century when Zagreb, than part of ex-Yugoslavia, was envisaged as the centre of contemporary and progressive culture and experimentation for young generations.

Meeting with curators collective BLOK who organizes UrbanFestival, annual manifestation dedicated to the art in public space, opened current fluctuations in the urban planning and development / degradation and vanishing of the public space. New tendencies in the political practices which give reflection to the treatment of art was presented and discussed with members of the curators collective WHW who deals with contemporary artistic heritage and engaged artistic practices. Group of young art theorists and museologists Kontraakcija which deals with the concept of the museum and re-thinking museological practices, presented the project Museum of the Quarter designed to implement the concept of the museum into the local context of Zagreb' neighborhoods. They realized the project in the quarters surrounding new Museum of Contemporary Art and their guided tour gave context to the space in which MofCA is located.

Lectures and discussions - by Boris Buden, Werner Hanak, Petar Milat, Oliver Marchart, Martin Krenn, BADco - gave theoretical context to the theme and created relation with the groups and projects acquainted during the visit.

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