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English Essay

Ready to Rebel, Open to Negotiate

By: Luka Ostojić

The final part of the feature on the commons examines whether physical spaces – primarily those for culture and youth – can operate outside the usual market and political framework.

English Essay

In Search of a Lost Alternative

By: Luka Ostojić

The commons are an attempt to improve political systems from within, but the question remains whether they can cope with the upcoming crises and, if not, what is there to replace them.

English Interview

Democracy is all about sharing

by: Luka Ostojić

Sociologist Pascal Gielen talks about creative cities and the ideology of commonism that he sees as an alternative to neoliberal market-oriented relations.

English Essay

Solidarity and Resistance Cannot Be Evicted

by: Dora Matić

Activists from Athens have turned vacant premises of Exarchia district into squats – a refuge for anarchist groups, migrants and all disenfranchised and marginalized members of society.