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Building a Network of Solidarity

by: Luka Ostojić

The follow-up to the feature about the commons looks at Internet spaces that provide the technical framework for the exchange of goods beyond market logic, and often beyond the law.

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The Tribes of New Fascism

by: Bojana Videkanić

Tribes of Europa, a series which is problematic in many ways, treats the Petrova Gora Monument as a playground for various sadistic fantasies.

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In Search of a Lost Alternative

By: Luka Ostojić

The commons are an attempt to improve political systems from within, but the question remains whether they can cope with the upcoming crises and, if not, what is there to replace them.

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Absence and the City

by: Andreja Žapčić

Lack of representation of women in Zagreb's public spaces reflects the patriarchal domination over policies of memory, as well as the revisionist erasure of city's anti-fascist history.

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Solidarity and Resistance Cannot Be Evicted

by: Dora Matić

Activists from Athens have turned vacant premises of Exarchia district into squats – a refuge for anarchist groups, migrants and all disenfranchised and marginalized members of society.

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The "European" City – What Is It and Who Is It for?

by: Jelena Prtorić

Number of European cities' heritage is being put into the service of tourism development, and Spain's Seville is one of them.

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Ode to Childhood Imagology

by: Martina Jurišić

Projects realised within the Corners platform call for an equal exchange of ideas between adults and children.

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Posting as a Calling

by: Bojan Krištofić

Željko Badurina is the artist of the middle generation who has, in Croatian and regional context, been most fully engaged in dispatching his work on the internet’s social networks.

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Art Transforms the City

by: Tihana Bertek

Complementing the idea of inclusive community promoted by the campaign Zagreb: Open City, Miron Milić created a new mural on the façade of a building in Vojnovićeva Street.

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Constructing Islandness

by: Petra Dolanjski

Various art practices choose isolated areas and marginal communities for their work, and islands turn out to be particularly interesting, especially in the context of tourism and art.

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Culture and Education in Contemporary Context

by: Ana Abramović

The cultural education sector has not yet been defined or mapped, and it is impossible to precisely count the number of educational programs implemented in the field of culture.

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Conditions for critical public discourse

by: Matija Mrakovčić

Important dimensions of future socio-cultural centers are cooperation opportunities between culture and different areas of civil society and improving the model of civil-public partnership.