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English Interview

Encouraging Empathy

by: Jasna Račić

Martin Mikhail, a co-ordinator of community center RISC, talks about challenges they are facing, the importance of educational work and openness towards their local community.

English Interview

The ecological crisis as a source of inspiration

by: Tihana Bertek

Bioartist and researcher Margherita Pevere talks about biotechnology, the concept of leaky bodies and her new work Wombs, presented at Extravagant Bodies Festival.

English Interview

We need to expand radical democracy

by: Kristina Tešija

Architect and activist Kike España talks about cultural and social centre La Casa Invisible and shares views on touristification, cultural and housing issues the city of Málaga is facing.

English Interview

I Am Not Interested in Fetishizing the Form

By: Luka Ostojić

Shai Heredia, member of 25 FPS's Grand Jury, talks about the festival program she curated, the history of Indian experimental documentary film, her work and politics.

English Interview

Reading Feminism with a Single Hand

by: Hana Sirovica

Members of Young Girl Reading group talk about reading as a feminist tactic, importance of online visibility and sensory aspects of performance as a medium.

English Interview

Vulnerability of networked generation

by: Lovro Japundžić

Media theorist and internet critic Geert Lovink talks about the lock-in effect of social media and emancipatory potential of boredom, following his newest book Sad by Design.

English Interview

A different take on economic reality

by: Martina Domladovac

Author of the documentary Free Lunch Society Christian Tod talks about unconditional basic income and the possibilities of portraying economic ideas through the medium of film.

English Interview

Art scene of Kosovo is in cultural isolation

by: Matija Mrakovčić

Jeton Neziraj, playwright, dramaturg and the director of Priština's Qendra Multimedia, talks about Kosovo's contemporary cultural scene.

English Interview

Film can lead where you maybe don’t want to go

by: Dinko Štimac

Under the moniker OJOBOCA, Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy practice Horrorism, a simulated method of inner and outer transformation.

English Interview

Hospitality is the foundation of interculturalism

by: Ivan Hromatko

Rustom Bharucha, Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies, shares his views on interculturalism and the opportunity for developing an intercultural social centre in Zagreb.

English Interview

The politics of getting someone to think

by: Luka Ostojić

"The most political thing you can do is just get someone to think", says filmaker and artist Deborah Stratman, jury member at the Festival of Experimental Film and Video 25FPS in Zagreb.