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When the reality and the imaginary are confused…

Author: Irena Janysek

Exhibition The Near and the Elswhere of Igor Eškinja, in Škuc Gallery, plays with viewer's perception of reality.

The Near and the Elswhere

Author: Weronika Panasewicz

At his first individual exhibition in Slovenia, Croatian artist Igor Eškinja presented new kinds of work – "large patterned labels" and, which is characteristic for him, one "furniture in

Momentary testament

Author: Mirka Balazy

Review presents exhibition Borrowed Time in Mestna Galerija Ljubljana, which students of Jagiellonian University visited during study-visit to Ljubljana.

The Pink and the Black

Author: Wojciech Szymanski

When seized by fear and sexual arousal Madame Walewska fell at her French lover’s feet she whispered her erotic-political declaration: "Aren’t we all orphans? I will dress myself in pink